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No Dashboards. No Coding

Monitor Your Business Reliably

Dashboards are messy and you miss things. tracks unexpected changes in your metrics instantly without creating dashboards or complex data pipelines. Now you'll truly stay in control of your business.

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Is this how your work feels like?

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Is this how your work feels like?


World's first
Business Reliability Platform

Things break. We ensure that your team is the first to know and the first to solve.

Automated Monitoring

Find and fix key business issues as they're happening

When something looks odd in your metrics, you will know about it straight away. Utilising our Machine Learning algorithm, with configurable sensitivity settings, you will be notified by slack or email about any unusual events.

Root Cause Analysis

Explain why in seconds, not days continuously checks which factors lead to changes in your metrics so you can find out immediately and understand the impact of each factor on your business.

... and now, work feels like this

How it works?




Your data is spread across multiple databases and third-party tools. It's difficult to get unified view of your business. We get it. Our vast integration library allows you to pull data from all of your sources and bring it in one place

  • No-code data pipelines
  • 100+ click & connect integrations
  • Predefined templates to get started
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No need to setup 100s of dashboards to understand what's going wrong. automatically monitors 100% of your data and identifies issues that are easy to miss with dashboards and reports.

  • Automatically learn normal behaviour of your metrics
  • Identify deviations from normal
  • Issues ranked as per severity
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Explain why in seconds, not days. Quickly discover which factors lead to unexpected changes in your business metrics. automatically groups correlated anomalies and identifies all events and contributing factors.

  • Automated Root Cause Analysis
  • Understand Key Drivers
  • Faster time to resolution
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Notifying the right person about an issue is as important as detecting the issue itself. alerts are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow so that your team can respond quickly.

  • Email & SMS alerts
  • Communication platforms - Slack & Teams
  • Other tools like Jira, PagerDuty and Webhooks
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